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Android: 4.3 and up
Version: 1.01
Price: 0$ (FREE)

Let’s play the most tempered glass challenge game. In this game, players are forced to walk on a Glass Bridge and the goal is reached to the finish line. In starting there will be hints of strong and breakable glasses. Just remember the tempered glass in this game for free.

The glass bridge challenge is not so simple and easy. You have not only focused on the strong and breakable glasses but you have to complete the challenge in a specific given time which will be in seconds. Your challenge will be tough level by level.

Are you brave enough to step into the Game? Follow the rules and you might have a chance to win the glass bridge game. Try this game yourself and show us how far you can go. Experience the thrills of the craze that’s sweeping the world on your own mobile phone!

How To Play

  • Just install the glass bridge challenge game from the playstore and open it.
  • Click on the play button.
  • In starting, there will be hints of strong and breakable glasses provided to you. You have to just remember the strong glasses and move your player on those glasses.
  • There will also be limited time provided to you to complete the challenge. You have to complete this challenge in the provided time which will be in seconds.
  • If you complete this task in time then you will be eliminated to the next level. Otherwise you have to play it again.
  • But if you jump your player on breakable glass then you will lose this game. Due to this you have to play it again.
Additional Information from Google Play:
Updated 5 February 2022 
Size 42.2Mb
Installs 10+
Rated for 3+ years
If you can afford it you have to buy it for supporting the developer.

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Rules To play


This game has just two rules which you have to follow to win tempered glass challenge;

  1. First important thing is focus. You have to focus on starting to memorize the strong glasses in your mind. It is because this hint will provide you for a while. After that the game will start. You have to jump your player on strong glasses so that you can win the challenge.
  2. Second thing is time. You have to complete your challenge in the given time. If you could not complete your challenge in time then you have to play it again. But if you complete your challenge in time then you will be in the next level.


Just download the Real Glass Or Tempered Glass Game.

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